Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sketchcrawl #40, 1st West Coast USKers' Sketchcrawl

I love the idea of USKers' Sketchcrawl. I don't mind the confusion of urban sketchers or sketchcrawlers. We all love draw, sketch, and share our works. The passions and the inspirations that matter me the most. Thanks Jim from Washington state who I met at last year USK symposium, Santo Domingo. Without his initiatives and communication back and forth with the wonderful local sketchers, organizations, I wouldn't have so much fun drawing with 70+ sketchers the pass weekend. 

Time for sketches sharing:

warm up at the Ferry Building front island:


Cable Car at Market st. & VanNess:

cable car 07132013

Oakland Lake Merritt area the next day:


Lake Merritt, Lake Chalet Restaurant

Lake Merritt

Group photos:

Ben and Simone from Montreal. The farthest sketchers attended! Nice to meet you guys. 
Keep sketching!  Cheers!

You can see more work and event recap at 1st West Coast UrbanSketchers' Sketchcrawl blog. Or some artwork we've done at Flickr group.

If you want to join the Sketch events around the bay area, here are some more blogs to follow: SketchCrawl, UrbanSketchers-bayarea, SF Sketchers Meet up.

Sketcrawl #39

Yes, a little late update. 

Sketchcrawl #39 at castro, SF. 

Castro Theater, Hitchcock's "The Birds" was on that day. Using my Lamy fine pen with noodler black ink. watercolored after.
SketchCrawl 39 Castro Valley Theater

One of my fav USKers, Pete Scully, was there that day! You can see his amazing works at his blog. Honor to see them in person!