Sunday, January 19, 2014

Family Trip to PaRiS!

It was cold for couple of days. raining as well. The rich culture and arts enlighten and amazed us. Every little detail touches my heart. Even the Gipsy girls tried to steal my dad's wallets was part of the adventure. :)

Cetrue Pompidou, hasn't had a chance to get in. Got an hour of drawing time outside of the building. colored it when got back to the hotel. I think the temperature was about 7-8C that day.


Box of Maxim's chocolate

Mercede Car Museum. Drew them on the train to Paris. (1hr 30mins.)Merceds-car-museum

Meet up @ Grace Cathedral, SF

The hill nearly killed me, but it was a fun and nice day to draw the cathedral. Lots of people showed up. Thanks Laurie again for organizing this amazing meet up. 

This is my 3rd attempt of Grace Cathedral, getting better?

Fountain at the park.

First attempt here.