Monday, July 30, 2012

After Santo Domingo Symposium......

After the annual symposium training......
my drawing starts showing some changes.... a little bit or maybe more then a bit?

I start to think about using some tips crossed the workshops I learned and also some results from the inspiriting attendees, consciously and unconsciously. The lines, the thick ink pens, brushes, colors....etc...., it just popping up randomly.

Here are the 2 latest sketches I did over these 2 weekends....

The Grace Cathedral, Nob Hills, San Francisco

It really took a lot of energy to finish such an enormous, magnificent architecture. I almost gave up at the second pagoda/tower I drew. (It had been passing the 30 mins mark which was about to reach my Short-attention-span limited..)
But took a second glance at felt so languish about my drawing. 

I am glad I did. The half lines and the steeple behind the cathedral are pretty good to fit in the page. Even though it was still an unfinished architecture, it does have a little more of the feelings. I think. Oh well, next challenge will be a complete cathedral. :)

p.s. I am still having a hard time drawing the interior/ceiling in the cathedral...probably need more practices to confidently pull out these geometric aesthetic pieces.

City Hall Dome, San Francisco

Liz's tip: start with the building top so that if you don't plan your space well, your drawing would still looks good instead awkwardness.
Turn out its a very useful tip for a rookie like me. 

Hope you enjoy it. Keep sketching! :)))))))

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